Aeroklubben’s 100th Anniversary to be celebrated in high style

Fly in and join us on the weekend of June 8th-10th! The Aeroklubben flying club in Gothenburg, Sweden was started by local flying enthusiasts, just 15 years after the Wright Flyer's famous flight. An aviation era was launched that has now run for 100 years, in a city renowned for technological excellence and innovation, as well as its coastline beauty. Welcome!

ESGP – Säve Airport
Gothenburg, Sweden
June 8th-10th 2018

The weekend will feature seminars as well as flying activities and displays.

Aeroklubbenhas come a long way since 1918, and so has aviation. That's why we'd like you to join us, meet other pilots, and attend a fascinating array of innovative aviation seminars.

As a part of the Fly-In, ECO-flying seminars will be held in the Aeroseum underground hangar, where you can meet fuel suppliers who provide fossil free-fuel and learn about the latest from the trailblazers of electric and hybrid aircraft, such as Pipistrel and Terrafugia.

Thousands of surface-transport visitors will already be on hand for this year’s version of Aeroseum’s annual Kids Aviation Weekend and Heli-meet events.

We have a lot to celebrate this year. It feels great to invite guest aircraft and pilots to the fly-in, and have Säve open up again to visitors”, says Aeroklubben Chairperson, Måns Theorin. “Even more delightful is that airport administration is inviting visiting aircraft to free landing fees for the entire weekend”, continues Måns Theorin.

Logistics are still being firmed up; check fly-in slots, on-site accommodation discounts, press releases and information updates on our website:

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For more Info, please check or email to

Hasse Hellström, Fly-In Coordinator, Phone +46 793 352 241